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You'll gain clarity, confidence and inspiration to pitch your business to the press.

You're sick and tired of being the Best Kept Secret (ssshh!)

You have been the best kept secret for waaaay to long. You don't feel you have the credibility piece as no one knows you outside of your social media, friends and family reach. And that hurts. You've trained and invested so much blood sweat and tears to get to where you are, yet you're frustrated that you're so little known

You just don't have the confidence to pitch to the press

It's so common for female entrepreneurs to lack confidence running their business (remember Rose Report 2019?) let alone start to pitch to leading journalists and influencers and sing from the rooftops about how great your products and services are. Let's discuss on the call and get you ready to go for it!

You have zero media contacts and not a clue where to start

You have tried a few pitches in the past, got ignored and given up. And to top it all, you don't have a clue who to target, where to find them and what to say. I will show you where you can find some red hot contacts and what to do once you have them in your sights

Amanda FitzGerald, The Ultimate Door Opener

Hi, I'm Amanda FitzGerald, AKA The Ultimate Door Opener. My passion is turning female entrepreneurs into unstoppable media-friendly PR machines for their brands and businesses.


I have spent the past 7 years helping to transform and inspire business owners, experts and entrepreneurs so that they get highly visible in their industry as they reach their dream influencers using articulate and punchy pitches that get straight to the point so that they can share their message with millions as they become famous in their field using the power of PR.


Before pivoting and launching my PR training consultancy, I worked with several London marketing agencies gaining lots of PR knowledge along the way.


My Little Black Book that has been called 'the best in the industry', is forever being further expanded so I can open more doors to potential influencers for my clients.


Having started my entrepreneurial journey running a luxury online brand back in 2008 (inspired by my mother's £1m mail-order business success story in the 80's and the fact one piece of publicity skyrocketed her business), I immediately realised at the launch that I needed publicity in order to generate awareness.


I was at the coalface pitching to shopping editors, features writers and journalists so that they would include my up and coming brand.


I got SO MUCH press that I was soon being asked by colleagues and friends if I could help them. This led to securing a 4 page spread in Psychologies for the UK's leading expert in Mindset and Vision, Tamsen Garrie and the rest is herstory!


I opened up my boutique PR agency and have assisted, secured and handheld my clients into being featured in their dream publications and outlets.


Forbes...The Times...The Sunday Times...LBC...Psychologies...Red...The Independent...Raconteur...GMB...Channel 5News...Olive...Delicious....Metro...The Mirror...The Notebook...are just a few

Book your call today and let's put the spotlight on you once and for all. You deserve it.

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Here’s what some of my clients have experienced working with me...

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  • Finally helped you to get to know the right PR angle for you PR...would this be worth it?

  • Gave you credibility and just ONE new client..would this be worth it?

  • Gave you the confidence on how to promote your business going forwards...would this be worth it?

YES... Of Course It Would!

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