What you get:

  • Weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Your chance once a week to get your burning PR Qs answered - be it on your press release / pitch idea / press hook / who to target..the list does on! This will be done via Facebook live. 

  • Full access to the self-study PR programme

    You can access the training vault with has the 7-step process on pitching to the press to accompany each phase of the programme. This will help and guide you to keep on track and inspired

  • Timetable to work towards

    Time is so often a roadblock to doing one's own PR. You will receive a plan to work towards and to stick to (by ticking off each activity) so that the process is followed. This will avoid overwhelm 

  • PR Resources

    You'll have access to a library of extremely useful PR resources and templates: press kit template, press release template, email pitch templates, bio, media contacts finding tools, help on accessing a media database, thought-leadership target outlets,  self-promo calendar and much more

  • Private Facebook Group access

    Join the private Facebook group and network with your fellow PR Club members, bounce ideas off each other, support one another and best of all, you can be each other's eyes and ears for all the PR opportunity spotting! I'll show you just how to do this!

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